Thursday, February 5, 2009

Open Source Moving Image Access Meeting

At WGBH Educational Foundation, February 2, 2009. Top, Seth Kaufmann speaks about Collective Access, with (L to R) WGBH presenters Dave MacCarn, Karen Cariani, and Chris Beer; below, participants.

Monday, September 24, 2007

AMIA Conference in Rochester

Panel chair on Thursday, 27 September 2007, "Outreach, Preservation and Access Initiatives Within and Between Regions," for the Regional Audiovisual Archives interest group.

Marion Hewitt, Partnerships with Regional Broadcasters and Cinema Exhibitors
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Rights & Access Copyright not held by the NWFA. Access is facilitated by online
catalogue ( charges apply in some cases but much is free; depends on end use.

Replicable Ideas Relationship with regional broadcasters: access services in return for money up front and service agreement; relationship with local broadcaster based on providing access to them from your holdings of their material, giving you rights to use the footage in your public and educational work, and potentially sharing any commercial income. Team up with local venues where any movies are ever shown, not only the cinemas but libraries and community halls; don't expect to make money but you will get offers of more footage & good profile-raising.

Sue Howard, Digitisation for Access: Whose Choice Is It Anyway?
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Tools to Share Detailed information on Project Planning for the Digital Film Archive for Yorkshire
Information on The Archivist Digital Asset Management System.

Replicable Ideas The intention is to build the DFAY as a replicable model; the template for community participation and evaluation will need to be revised according to the audiences and regions targeted.

Megan Peck, The Texas Film Round-Up
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Tools to Share Resource databases customized to accommodate a regional approach.
Rights & Access The Texas Archive of the Moving Image is an access driven organization that prioritizes moving image materials free of copyright restrictions.

Replicable Ideas The Texas Film Round Up is loosely modeled upon earlier film search programs in countries such as Australia and New Zealand. The final goal is to produce a web-driven publicly accessible education resource.

Nicolette Bromberg, Washington Film Preservation Project

Tools to Share The Washington State Film Preservation Manual: Low-Cost and No-Cost Suggestions to Care For Your Film at